The Residence

Bellevue Terrasse offers you tropical living on two independent levels, each of them with a vast covered verandah. With its multiple pliable French doors, the inside and the outside living space blend into each other seamlessly, permitting to relax in a tropical breeze and enjoying alfresco dining.

Bellevue Terrasse’s architecture is based on the traditional tropical island concept of open spaces, surrounded by generous verandahs and covered by a spacious roof structure, as it is common in the Grenadines Islands.

Built by craftsmen from the island from a variety of local materials, the ceramic tiles from Italy, the enchanting alabaster lamps and the paintings from local artists and authentic furnature from Latin America are all blending in in harmony.

At Bellevue Terrasse you will find a place which embraces tradition and luxury, always in consideration of the surrounding nature – by its choice of natural colours, the careful landscaping and the unspoiled local vegetation.

(The interactive map below highlights the location of Bellevue Terrasse with the blue mark.)

Please note that Bellevue Terrrasse is a smoke-free place within the residence and the entire premises (incl. vaping)